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Because you've got more important things to do . . .

Small Office Nets providing technology services for your business.

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Our Mission: 
The mission of Small Office Nets is to free you of the burden and difficulties of:
1.  Maintaining operational integrity and efficiency of your critical office/business technologies.
2.  Take care of applying software and firmware updates, patches and services packs when appropriate.
3.  Identifying problems, calling technical support, correcting the problem(s), and performing follow-up task(s)
     when problems do occur, in a timely and thorough manner.
4.  Keeping you informed of appropriate technological advances that truly enhance your business operations and revenue generation

Company history:
Small Office Nets has been supporting businesses in the Chicago metropolitan area for over 25 years. Clients span the spectrum of business categories, from medical publishers to construction support firms to law offices.  Our typical client relationship last in excess of 10 years.